Timex Annotation System

TimexTag is a modular system for recognition and interpretation of temporal expressions in English text. It produces annotations that conform to the TIDES TIMEX2 standard.

The system is discussed in some detail in the following paper: A Cascaded Machine Learning Approach to Interpreting Temporal Expressions, D. Ahn, J. van Rantwijk, and M. de Rijke. In: Proceedings NAACL-HLT 2007, April 2007.


TimexTag is available under the LGPL GNU Lesser General Public License. Briefly, what this means is that you can use TimexTag in your own software (open source or proprietary), but if you make changes to TimexTag and release an improved version of TimexTag, we should be able to use your improvements. That is: under the LGPL you may use TimexTag for any purpose you wish, as long as you:

  1. Release any modifications to the TimexTag source back to the community
  2. Pass on the source to TimexTag with all the copyrights intact, or link back to a place where the source code can be obtained (e.g., this site)
  3. Make it clear where you have customised it.

Please do read the full license agreement.


TimexTag version 0.3, 2007-03-02: timextag-0.3.tar.gz.

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