A list of current and past projects that run at ILPS. The sponsoring institution is listed in brackets.


  • Under construction


  • COBALT: Constraint-Based Language Translation for Approximate Redundancy Resolution (NWO, 2013-2017)
  • DIGIT: Domain and Genre Independent Translation (2013-2016)
  • ELIAS: Evaluating Information Access Systems (2011-2015, ESF)
  • Elite Networks Shifts (2012-2016, KNAW)
  • Expose: Exploratory Political Search (2013-2018, NWO)
  • ImFIRe: Modeling and Learning from Implicit Feedback in Information Retrieval (2012-2016, NWO))
  • Infiniti: Information Retrieval for Information Services (2011-2015, public-private)
  • Innovatievouchers
  • NameScape (2012, Clarin)
  • Political Mashup: Ontsluiting van politieke informatie (NWO)
  • SEED: Semantic Search in E-Discovery (2012-2015, NWO)
  • SPuDisc: Searching Public Discourses (2013-2017, NWO)
  • SurReal: Surface Realization in Statistical Machine Translation (NWO Vidi project, 2013-2017)
  • VOX-Pol: Virtual Centre of Excellence for Research in Violent Online Political Extremism (2013-2017, EU FP7/ISEC)