Research at ILPS is focused on technology that connects people to information: search engines, recommender systems, and conversational agents. We are organized in four labs.

Language engineering for online reputation management

LREC 2012 will feature a workshop on language engineering for online reputation management. The aim is to bring together the language engineering community with representatives from the online reputation management industry, with the goal of establishing a five-year roadmap on the topic plus a description of the language technologies required to get there in terms of resources, algorithms and applications. More details …

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Anne Schuth ILPS Most Valuable Player 2011

Anne Schuth has won the ILPS Most Valuable Player award for 2011. The award is given to an ILPS member that has made significant contributions to the group as a whole. The winner is selected based on votes by group members. Group members praised Anne for his helpfulness, often pro-actively, in terms of setting up and maintaining the research infrastructure, general problem solving and staging social activities.

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Dataset (tweets + manual Wikipedia annotations) for the WSDM ’12 paper “Adding Semantics to Microblog Posts” released

This page contains the dataset that was created for the WSDM 2012 paper Adding Semantics to Microblog Posts by Edgar Meij, Wouter Weerkamp and Maarten de Rijke. In the paper, we evaluate various methods for automatically identifying concepts (in the form of Wikipedia articles) that are contained in or meant by a tweet.

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