Research at ILPS is focused on technology that connects people to information: search engines, recommender systems, and conversational agents. We are organized in four labs.

Talk by Leif Azzopardi on Economics of Interactive Information Retrieval

On December 5, 16hrs, Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow) will give a talk entitled “The Microeconomics of Interactive Information Retrieval”. Searching is inherently an interactive process usually requiring numerous iterations of querying and assessing in order to find the desired amount of relevant information. Essentially, the search process can be viewed as a combination of inputs (queries and assessments) which are used to “produce” output (relevance).

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Alessandro Facchini wins the 2011 Paul Bernays Award

The 2011 Paul Bernays Award is delivered by the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science and sponsored by the Swiss Academy of Sciences. It awards a young researcher for an outstanding contribution in the area of logic and philosophy of science. Alessandro won the price with his dissertation: “A study on the expressive power of some fragments of the modal ?-calculus”. More information can be found here:

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