Research at ILPS is focused on technology that connects people to information: search engines, recommender systems, and conversational agents. We are organized in four labs.

Two COMMIT Valorization Awards

COMMIT project Infiniti, led by Maarten de Rijke, wins the COMMIT Valorization Award 2013. The Award is aimed at facilitating further development of valorization plans and strategies.

Daan Odijk (ILPS) wins the COMMIT Valorization Award 2013 for a promising Young Researcher. Daan receives a subsidy of € 1.000 to be spent on enhancing valorization activities.

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Katya Garmash joins ILPS

Katya Garmash has joined the ILPS group on March 25, 2013 as a PhD student. Katya works on statistical machine translation within the NWO Vidi project SurReal (Surface Realization for Statistical Machine Translation) under the supervision of Christof Monz. Her work will focus on improved reordering modeling for fluency improvements in machine translation. Before joining ILPS, Katya did completed MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the UvA.

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