Looking Back at 2018/2019

ILPS-ers who joined during the 2018/2019 academic year

Looking back at the end of the academic year (2018/2019), without a doubt the biggest highlight are the new people who joined ILPS. 

Hinda joined us as professor by special appointment. Pengjie joined us as a postdoc, Ali, Ali, Amir, Arezoo, Jin, Mahsa, Mariya, Maurits, Mozhdeh, Olivier, Sami, Spyretta, Vera, Wanyu, and Yangjun all joined as Phd students. Andreas and Phillipe joined as research assistants over the summer, and Christopher, Trond and Xiaohui were visiting PhD students for an extended period of time during the 2018/2019 academic year.

It’s always inspiring to welcome new team members at ILPS. New colleagues bring new energy, new ways of working, new ideas, and new perspectives. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to work with you.