Krant van Morgen

News reaches us along two mostly disconnected paths. The oldest path is text, institutionalized in the form of news papers, journals, magazines, notes and letters. The Internet has added new media and new formats. Emails, SMS, chats, and twitters, are informal and unauthorized. Others are authorized or at least institutionalized like blogs and (links to) web-sites.

The alternative path is visual news. Traditionally the dominant medium on this path was film (the famous Polygoon journal) and later television (the equally famous BBC-news and NOS-journaal). Since the wide acceptance of digital broad-band, vision-based news has switched to YouTube, Second Life, Facebook, linked websites, and video-on-demand as the preferred media.


  • Bouke Huurnink
  • Maarten de Rijke
  • Arnold Smeulders
  • Daan Vreeswijk