Invited talk by Claudia Hauff

On Friday 18 September 2015, 16:00-17:00, room C1.112, Claudia Hauff, TU Delft, will give a talk entitled “Searching & Learning”. Abstract: Learning to search and searching as learning are two distinct but related activities users are busy with every day. In this talk I will first present our findings on how to aid users in learning how to formulate better queries by providing examples of high-quality queries interactively during search sessions. Based on several controlled user studies we collected quantitative and qualitative evidence that shows: (i) users are able to identify and abstract qualities of queries that make them highly effective, (ii) after seeing high-quality example queries users are able to themselves create queries that are highly effective, and, (iii) those queries look similar to expert queries as defined in the literature. In the second part, I will move on to searching as learning and present a set of initial research ideas that we are currently investigating as part of TU Delft’s initiative on MOOCs, where learning & searching naturally meet.