Duration: 2010-2013
Funder: European Commission, PSP
Partners: Xerox Research (Coordinator, France), CELI SRL
(Italy), University of Trento (Italy), Object Direct SAS (France),
Gonetwork SRL (Italy), Bridgeman Art Library Ltd (UK), Humboldt
University Berlin (Germany)
With the growth of digital libraries and digital library federation
(as well as partially unstructured collections of documents such as
web sites), a large set of vendors is offering engines for retrieving
contents and metadata via search requests by the end user
(queries). In most cases these queries are just unstructured fragments
of text in a specific language.

Firstly, GALATEAS (LangLog) is focused on getting meaning out of these
lists of queries and it is addressed to library/federation/site
managers. Contrary to mainstream service in this field, GALATEAS
services will not considered standard structured information of web
logs (e.g. click rate, visited pages, user’s paths inside the document
tree) but the information contained in queries from the point of view
of language interpretation.

The second challenge addressed by GALATEAS is the one of Cross
Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) i.e. the capability of typing a
query in one specific language and retrieving documents which are
available in different languages.


  • Bogomil Kovachev
  • Christof Monz
  • Maarten de Rijke