PoliDocs is a vertical search engine for parliamentary information. It contains roughly 25 years of Dutch parliamentary proceedings. It uses faceted search, entry point retrieval and result aggregation techniques.

Voting Advice
Voting Advice build for the European elections in 2009, uses political search techniques to help voters getting familiar with parties, candidates, and their previous work in the European parliament.

SaHaRa was a system that helps to discover and analyze the relationship between entities and topics in large collections of news articles. We augment entity related search by including semantically related linked open data.

a blog search and analysis tool

ISLA TV was a search engine for (video) lectures. Currently (Summer 2009) it is not functioning anymore.

Quartz was a demo of our question answering system for English

ZookMa never was an actual live demo, but came with fairly detailed descriptions of what (near) future search engines could like in terms of functionality, technology and commercial potential, with a special focus on tracking the online world around us, where, increasingly factual information is complemented with subjective information describing experiences and views around the factual information