SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam — Talks by Boaz Leskes and Wouter Weerkamp

As part of a new monthly series of talks (“SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam”), Boaz Leskes (Elasticsearch) and Wouter Weerkamp (904 Labs) will talk about recent research and development in search engine technology. The talks will be held on Friday January 24, 16-17hrs, in Room B0.209, with drinks afterwards.

SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam highlights research, development and innovation in search engine technology in the bigger Amsterdam area. No sales. No marketing. Just algorithms, evaluation and code. Stay informed by signing up to

  • Boaz Leskes — Staying ahead of Time

    People typically choose Elasticsearch for it’s horizontal scaling capabilities and ease of use. Both of these come very handy when you’re on a mission to index (and keep on indexing) the whole of Twitter, your endless stream of logs or the data of any user you might take on in the future. We will talk about the features and design of Elasticsearch that makes it an excellent fit for these use cases. We will architect a solution that both scales well and does it in a way that still allows for change – whether it is data changes, growth rates or resources.

  • Wouter Weerkamp — Streamwatchr: Watch the music. While it’s playing

    Music plays an important role in our lives, and we like to share the music we listen to with others. Streamwatchr monitors social media streams for these music shares, interprets the messages, and offers a platform to “watch the music as it’s playing”. In this talk I will discuss Streamwatchr’s interpretation engine (how do we extract artist and song info from tweets?) and its current problems, the “sing-along” feature of Streamwatchr, the way we provide real-time music charts and recommendations, and future extensions of Streamwatchr.