Author: Maarten de Rijke

University Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval. Learning to rank, semantic search, conversational search.

ILPS to lead COMMIT Project P1

ILPS will lead COMMIT project P1 “Information Retrieval for Information Services”, one of 16 projects granted within the COMMIT research program. Within this project, techniques for identification and aggregation of semantic structures in heterogeneous information sources (entities, events, and relations amongst them) will be developed. Furthermore, the semantic structures will be tracked over time to support informed socio-economic decision-making.

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Vacancy for a PhD student working on evaluation methodology for search engines

The position is in the PROMISE project, a new European FP7 project starting in September 2010. PROMISE is a Network of Excellence involving 10 prominent partner institutions in seven European countries. The PROMISE project addresses the challenges being faced by today’s evaluation methodology for information retrieval systems. Read more …

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