Author: Maarten de Rijke

University Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval. Learning to rank, semantic search, conversational search.

CCCT Seminar: Talks by Lora Aroyo and Julia Noordegraaf

As part of the monthly CCCT seminar series, Lora Aroyo and Julia Noordegraaf will give talks on “Crowd Truth: Disagreement in Crowdsourcing is not Noise but Signal” and “Modeling Crowdsourcing for Cultural Heritage”, respectively. November 22, 2013, 16h00-17h00 (followed by drinks), Lecture room B0.201 (Science Park 904). See for further details and abstracts.

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Talk by Gianluca Demartini

On Wednesday, November 13 at 10:00 (Room C3.163), Gianluca Demartini will give a talk entitled “Entities, Graphs, and Crowdsourcing for better Web Search.” Over the last years we have observed an evolution of Search Engine Result Pages which are now including more and more results from verticals like pictures, news, videos, factual data, and more. This has become possible also thanks to a deeper understanding of user queries and of Web content: entities are being extracted out of Web pages and uniquely identified. This enables entity-centric query answering.

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Talk by Jilles Vreeken

On November 11 (16-17hrs, Room D1.114), Jilles Vreeken (MPI) will give a talk entitled “Information-Theoretic Data Exploration — where Data Mining and Information Retrieval (can) meet”. In data mining the goal is to extract novel and interesting knowledge from data. The key problem is formalizing what is interesting; in particular when the setting is exploratory, i.e. unsupervised. In my work I follow an information-theoretic approach to this end.

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