Author: Christof Monz

I work on the interface of language technology and information retrieval and have a strong interest in multi- and cross-lingual aspects of information access. Right now (Fall 2008), I am in transit from QMUL to UvA and will be spending time at both institutes until early 2009.

Amit Bronner Joins ILPS

Amit Bronner has joined the ILPS groups as a scientific programmer.
Amit will be working on the CoSyne EU project coordinated by Christof Monz
in which he will be working the combination of Statistical Machine Translation
and Textual Entailment checking.

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Bogomil Kovachev joins ILPS

Bogomil Kovachev has joined the ILPS group as a scientific programmer.
Bogomil will be working on the Galateas EU project and CCCT subproject 4.
Within the Galateas project he will be working with Christof Monz and Maarten
de Rijke on log analysis and machine translation, and within the CCCT project
he will be working with Christof Monz on providing educational tools for
minor students following Computer and Information Sciences courses.

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