Maarten de Rijke receives Google Faculty Research Award

Maarten de Rijke is one of the recipients of the Google Faculty Research Award 2017. The reward will support research on conversational search, and in particular on reinforcement learning techniques that help yield better responses to users’ information needs in an interactive setting. The work will be carried out with Ziming Li and Julia Kiseleva. Out of 1033 proposals to the Google Faculty Research Award program, 152 were funded.

Zhaochun Ren wins Chinese Government Award

CSCILPS-er Zhaochun Ren has been awarded the “2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed (non-government sponsored) Students Abroad” for his PhD research on information retrieval, under Maarten de Rijke’s supervision. In 2003, the Chinese government set up an award for outstanding self-financed students abroad to honor overseas Chinese students with Continue reading