Maarten de Rijke receives Google Faculty Research Award

Maarten de Rijke is one of the recipients of the Google Faculty Research Award 2017. The reward will support research on conversational search, and in particular on reinforcement learning techniques that help yield better responses to users’ information needs in an interactive setting. The work will be carried out with Ziming Li and Julia Kiseleva. Out of 1033 proposals to the Google Faculty Research Award program, 152 were funded.

ILPS and SIGIR 2018 workshops

ILPS-ers are involved with several upcoming workshops at SIGIR 2018:

In addition, former ILPS-ers Edgar Meij and Jiyin He are co-organizers of the following SIGIR 2018 workshops, respectively:

Sapna Negi visits ILPS as part of ADS-Insight Exchange

As part of the recently launched collaboration between Amsterdam Data Science and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (Ireland), Sapna Negi is visiting the Information and Language Processing Systems Group at UvA for 3 months. Sapna is a PhD student in the NLP team at Insight Centre for Data Analytics @ NUI Galway and works on mining suggestions from reviews and other social media content.

Project ACCESS receives NWO Creative Industries funding

nwoThe Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted funding of ca. € 500.000 for the project “ACCESS: Access to City Councils using Exploratory Search Systems” wihin the Smart Culture: Creative Cities, Creative Industries program. The project consortium consists of dr. Jaap Kamps (UvA), ILPS-er dr. Maarten Marx (UvA) and their private partners Spinque BV, NotuBiz BV, Open State Foundation, GridLine BV, Stamkracht BV, and public partners Stadsarchief Amsterdam, KNAW/Huygens-ING and KB Den Haag.