Project ‘Art DATIS’ receives NWO Creative Industries funding

nwoThe Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has granted Smart Culture – Big Data / Digital Humanities funding of ca. € 500.000 for the project Digital Art Technical sources for the Netherlands: Integration and improvement of sources on glass for a Sustainable future (Art DATIS), by prof. dr. Sven Dupré (UU/UvA), dr. Marieke Hendriksen (UU), ILPS-er dr. Evangelos Kanoulas (UvA) and their private partners RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History (Anita Hopmans and Reinier van ‘t Zelfde), Stichting Vrij Glas (Durk Valkema) and Picturae (Mark Lindeman).

Aldo Lipani visits ILPS

PastedGraphic-1 Aldo Lipani is visiting for a month. Aldo is a PhD Student at the Vienna University of Technology working on evaluation in Information Retrieval. Aldo’s main focus is on a) improving the reliability of the test collection based evaluation, in particular aiming at correcting the pool bias (the effect that documents that were not selected in the pool created from the original runs will never be considered relevant) and, on b) developing of an analytical approach to accessibility measures.

ControCurator: Crowds and Machines for Controversy Discovery and Modeling

COMMIT logo PNG 2000x818This is a new joint project between ILPS-er Evangelos Kanoulas,  VU Web and Media (Lora Aroyo), Sound & Vision, and Crowdynews funded by Commit on identifying controversial topics in multi-model data, with applications ranging from health, to political discourse, news, etc. The ControCurator project aims to enable modern information access systems to discover and understand controversial topics and events by bringing together different types of crowds (niches of experts, lay crowds and engaged social media contributors) and machines in a joint active learning workflow for the creation of adequate training data (real-time and offline).