SEA: User Behaviour and Topical Diversity

SEA_logoThe last Friday of September, we’ll start again with a new season of Search Engines Amsterdam (SEA). We will have two talks followed by drinks. Andreas Brückner (SDL Fredhopper) will talk about “Search behavior in e-commerce search” and Hosein Azarbonyad (ILPS) will talk about “Measuring Topical Diversity of Text Documents Using Parsimonious Topic Models”. Continue reading

Hendrik Heuer joins ILPS

logo-uvaHendrik Heuer has started his PhD at the QUVA-Lab. Hendrik will be focusing on the generation of natural language descriptions of images and statistical machine translation. He completed his M.Sc. in ICT Innovation at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Aalto University in Helsinki.

Thorsten Joachims visits ILPS

cornellThorsten Joachims from Cornell University is visiting ILPS for 1 year. Two of his PhD students will join him shortly. Thorsten Joachims is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. He joined the department in 2001 after finishing his Ph. D. as a student of Prof. Morik at the AI-unit of the University of Dortmund, from where he also received a Diplom in Computer Science in 1997. Between 2000 and 2001 he worked as a PostDoc at the GMD in the Knowledge Discovery Team of the Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems. From 1994 to 1996 he spent one and a half years at Carnegie Mellon University as a visiting scholar of Prof. Tom Mitchell. Thorsten Joachims is an ACM Fellow, AAAI Fellow, and Humboldt Fellow.

Nikos Voskarides Joins ILPS as PhD Student

logo-uvaOn July 1, Nikos Voskarides, an ILPS alumnus, will join ILPS again, this time as PhD Student. He will be working on the MediaNow project, a collaboration between the Informatics Institute and Department of Media Studies of the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Nikos will be supervised by Maarten de Rijke.

Talk by Dong Nguyen

On Friday, June 19 there will be a talk by Dong Nguyen (University of Twente). The talks is entitled “Regional Dialects on Twitter”. Abstract: Social media data is increasingly used to study the social dynamics of language. In this talk I will present our research on dialects in the Netherlands based on Twitter data. While the usage of some words varies markedly by geographic region, such as whether ‘patat’ or ‘friet’ (‘french fries’) is used, other patterns are less clear. Quantifying the degree of spatial dependence for linguistic features is a key task for Continue reading