The Information and Language Processing Systems group is part of the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. Our research is aimed at intelligent information access, especially in the face of massive amounts of information. We work on content analysis (information retrieval, machine translation, language technology), the analysis of structural information (social networks, semi-structured data, linked data) and the analysis of user behavior (log analysis, click models, user studies).

We combine fundamental, experimental and applied research, and we do so using a broad range of textual data, data from the web, from enterprises, feed-based, edited, user generated, or obtained from (automatic) transcriptions of audio or video. We are involved with a large number of projects with other groups, both within and outside academia. Our research is funded by NWO, KNAW, the EU and through a range of public-private partnerships.

Recent news

25 Apr 2014 : SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam -- Talks by Erik van Oosten and Ilya Markov

On Friday April 25, 16-17hrs, there will be another instance of SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam. As usual, we will have an industrial and an academic speaker. This time, the industrial speaker is Erik van Oosten ( while Ilya Markov (UvA) is the academic speaker. See for details

07 Apr 2014 : We're hiring. Assistant professor and two postdocs

We'll soon have three openings for an assistant professor (48 months) and two postdocs (32 months and 18 months, respectively), all in information retrieval. Further information and the official announcement will follow in a few days.

27 May 2014 : Lerot Hackathon

On May 27, 14-20hrs, there will be a hackathon devoted to Lerot (see Want to learn something about online learning to rank, earn gratitude from those that suffer from the bugs you fixed, fix bugs, enjoy food, drinks and music? Keep track of the issues at and join the hackathon by mailing Anne Schuth.

07 Apr 2014 : CoMeRDa source code released

Earlier today, Marc Bron released the code for CoMeRDa as open source, under Apache License, Version 2.0. CoMeRDA is an aggregated search system that provides a webbased user interface with multiple options for visualizing search results. Users are able to search, filter and bookmark results form different document collections. A user's interactions with the system are logged with the help of ILPS Logging. See

28 Mar 2014 : SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam -- Talks by Marco Hollenberg and Daan Odijk

On Friday March 28, at 16.00hrs, Marco Hollenberg (Sanoma/Kieskeurig) and Daan Odijk (UvA) will give talks in this month's SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam series. Marco will talk about "Kieskeurig and SOLR relevancy". Daan will talk about "Online Query Modeling: Generating Queries from Streams". See for abstracts and further details.