The Information and Language Processing Systems group is part of the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. Our research is aimed at intelligent information access, especially in the face of massive amounts of information. We work on content analysis (information retrieval, machine translation, language technology), the analysis of structural information (social networks, semi-structured data, linked data) and the analysis of user behavior (log analysis, click models, user studies).

We combine fundamental, experimental and applied research, and we do so using a broad range of textual data, data from the web, from enterprises, feed-based, edited, user generated, or obtained from (automatic) transcriptions of audio or video. We are involved with a large number of projects with other groups, both within and outside academia. Our research is funded by NWO, KNAW, the EU and through a range of public-private partnerships.

Recent news

18 Nov 2014 : Christophe Van Gysel Joins ILPS

Christophe Van Gysel joins ILPS as a PhD student. Christophe will be working on the VOX-Pol project on search and analysis methods in the context of violent online political extremism. He will be supervised by Maarten de Rijke and Marcel Worring.

12 Nov 2014 : Tomáš Tunys visits ILPS

Tomáš Tunys from the Czech Technical University in Prague is visiting ILPS for 4 months. He will be working with Maarten de Rijke and Masrour Zoghi on learning to rank.

31 Oct 2014 : SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam --- Edgar Meij and Ridho Reinanda

The next installment of SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam will be centered around semantic search. Edgar Meij (Yahoo Labs) will talk about Web Scale Semantic Search. Ridho Reinanda (U. Amsterdam) will talk about Semantic Search for the 1%.

Location: Science Park 904, Amsterdam; room A1.10. Time: Friday October 31, 16-17hrs with drinks afterwards.

SEA: Search Engines Amsterdam is brought to you by Amsterdam Data Science.

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01 Oct 2014 : Xinyi Li joins ILPS

Xinyi Li joins ILPS as a PhD student. Xinyi will be working on learning to rank. He will be supervised by Maarten de Rijke.

01 Sep 2014 : Alexey Borisov joins ILPS

As part of an ongoing collaboration between Yandex and the University of Amsterdam, Alexey Borisov joins ILPS as a PhD student. Alexey will be supervised by Maarten de Rijke.

16 Aug 2014 : Good news from CIKM 2014

We achieved a good "score" at the 23rd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM ’14): four full papers and two short papers accepted:

  • "Head first: Living labs for ad-hoc search evaluation" by Krisztian Balog, Liadh Kelly and Anne Schuth
  • "Multileaved comparisons for fast online evaluation” by Anne Schuth, Floor Sietsma, Shimon Whiteson, Damien Lefortier and Maarten de Rijke
  • "Online exploration for detecting shifts in fresh intent" by Damien Lefortier, Pavel Serdyukov and Maarten de Rijke.

07 Aug 2014 : CLARIAH: 12M Euro for digital infrastructure for the humanities

NWO has awarded 12M Euro to CLARIAH, a project to build a digital infrastructure for software, data, enrichment, search and analytics in the Humanities. Frank van Harmelen, Maarten de Rijke en Cees Snoek are among the 9 scientists that form the core team of the project. See,, for more details.

05 Aug 2014 : Hosein Azarbonyad Joins ILPS

Hosein Azarbonyad (Iran) starts as a PhD student in ILPS undersupervision of Maarten Marx and Maarten de Rijke and works on the ExPoSe project. In Iran he applied Learning To Rank techniques to Cross Lingual IR. Recently he participated in the ERD entity linking challenge.